Dear Friends
Our Bruno Cartoon (Bruno‘s Baby Album) is nominated for a Comic Price from Panini Comics. Naturally we are thrilled about it. But if we really win first price will depend on the support we are getting from our fans and readers.
How can you help us?
You can vote for us once every 24 hours.
1.       Please register yourself with a user name and your e-mail address at this website: http://www.mycomics.de
2.       Per e-mail you receive a password for your user name.
3.        Please log in.
4.       Click on the tab Wettbewerb (means competition).
5.       Scroll down until you read Wettbewerbsbeiträge (means entries)
6.       Click on the orange button Wählen (means vote) next to the picture of Dogtari and Bruno.
7.       If you see then a DANKE (means thank you) then you have helped us a great deal today.
8.       And now comes the hardest part, please log yourself in daily and pick up you large fat DANKE every day until the 6th of November. Can you do that?

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