With a Great Dane as the designated Trick and Treat greeter you have automatically the Halloween effect.

Artwork Dogtari     Text Jean Brown


Single Socks Epic

In an emergency it might be very useful if a dog can track its owner. So today I selected a worn sock of mine for Bruno to track. 

Artwork Dogtari     Text Jean Brown



I think I see a Putty Kat

To socialize a puppy adequately, you have to get him used to other animals. 

Artwork Dogtari     Text Jean Brown


Getting Up

Getting up in the morning is hard enough for most people. But Dane people often face a much larger challenge.

Artwork Dogtari     Translation Jean Brown


Fetch the Bunny

Today I am really late getting the cartoon up. Here you see why 

Artwork Dogtari     Translation Jean Brown


Dear Friends
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Cheesy Matters

Great Dane ears are a bit like long hair, they are also always everywhere they do not belong.

Artwork Dogtari    Text Jean Brown


A Bit Above the Rest

All Great Danes share an endearing  characteristic. They have suddenly the uncontrollable urge to run as fast as possible (known as zoomies). They almost look like they can fly.

Artwork Dogtari     Text Jeannette Brown


Up Hill Struggles

Great Dane Puppies have really oversized ears which can cause certain problems

Artwork Dogtari      Text Jean Brown